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Dayton, OH 45403


Listen. Interpret. Solve. Implement.
Inbox Logic is a company of Marketing and IT professionals who successfully work together on marketing driven, sales oriented technical solutions. We customize processes to make them work for you.

Our solutions can be as simple as listening to the Marketing department and communicating its needs and goals in a way in which IT can understand. Then we help IT propose solutions and interpret them back to the Marketing department.

In some cases existing customer data needs to be cleaned and organized. We assist you in developing good data practices that lead to robust solutions later.

We utilize a problem solving workflow that guides Marketing and IT toward meeting their shared goals. By replacing jargon with a functional visual presentation of the solution, we make the best possible use of the design phase so you don't suffer endless costly revisions that interrupt later development.

Inbox Logic also provides custom email solutions that manage contacts, record activity, and display results. Our email solutions can route messages manually or automatically to keep Sales and Marketing personnel informed of customer responses or campaign milestones. We offer communication advice based on the results of messages delivered. We also help you orchestrate campaigns that integrate with other media to take advantage of their benefits.

We fully develop solutions and work with technical staff and creative people alike to make sure those solutions are integrated with the rest of the company. We ensure that solutions work together and eliminate duplicated effort and data. Simply, we understand. Let us help.